Gareth Bale, a ‘problem’ for Real Madrid with 19 goals

Against the desire of the club, he wants to continue until 2022. Ancelotti is looking for a place for him after an irregular transfer but with better data than the white attack.

Gareth Bale (32 years old) was a clear case for this summer in the offices, with Real Madrid I decided to find the formula to get rid of him. Neither his end with Zidane nor his assignment in the Tottenham They invited nothing else, but the footballer’s position has complicated his goodbye to a team that, despite some troubles, considers him a legend. The Welshman wants to fulfill his contract, something that his representative already pointed to in February in Goal, Jonathan Barnett (“It wouldn’t be a problem, he loves the city and has no problems with the club,” he said), already Ancelotti You have to make it profitable.

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The attacker’s involvement at the Santiago Bernabéu ends in 2022. His wish is to reach the next white June and extend his career, choosing his destiny as a free agent, until at least Christmas for the Qatar World Cup, your great goal. In these months, and except for an unexpected change because receives more than 15 million net per course, the hot potato is for Ancelotti, who has to manage his situation.

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The Italian has met a player whom he already managed in his first stage on the Madrid bench, from 2013 to 2015, with a balance of 38 goals and 31 assists in 91 appearances. The average intervention in a goal by Bale in that period was every 105.46 minutes, slightly higher than in 2020-21. In London, with four injuries and a lack of regularity, he has scored or assisted every 87.73 minutes.

His 16 goals and three assists in a Tottenham that he barely gave to get into the Conference League would place him in Real Madrid in 2020-21 only behind Benzema, who intervened in 39 goals. Of the attack, the one who would come closest to him after the Frenchman would be Vinicius, involved in 13 goals.

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Bale does not occupy an extra-community place

In principle on the right, where he will have to fight for opportunities with Asensio, Rodrygo or Odegaard, Bale has the possibility of resurfacing. Despite Brexit, as Goal reported, he will not occupy an extra-community position, which facilitates their integration into the 2021-22 squad. His role will depend on his will in training and his performance in games.