Gary Neville has perfect response to Harry Redknapp after Valencia jibe

Gary Neville has perfect response to Harry Redknapp after Valencia jibe

Gary Neville's feud with former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp continued after the Manchester United great questioned the 71-year-old's managerial record.

The argument started after Neville refereed to Spurs as 'spineless' in his Analysis of the Monday Night Football.

Redknapp then called up TalkSport to hit back at the former United back branding him a 'disgrace' and made reference to his poor managerial record while in charge of Valencia.

He managed Valencia and when he managed them they were the worst team in their history, "he said.

And Neville did just what Redknapp asked and did away with his homework.

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The former England defender tweeted a photographer of a spreadsheet where he had compared his managerial record at Valencia against Redknapp's while in charge of QPR from 2012-2015 and Birmingham in 2017.

And his research actually came out on top in terms of win percentages when comparing the three.

Talking about Neville's latest jibe and decided to call TalkSport (again!) To complain.

"To say that for 30 years Tottenham have been spineless, gutless, useless, disgraceful – that's absolute rubbish," Redknapp repeated on Friday's Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.

What's better than mine at QPR?

"I took over a QPR team that had already played 14 games in the Premier League and they had two wins, so it's not exactly a world class team, you know?

"And at Birmingham I had 25 games and only one, that was not easy.

"My argument was about the Tottenham team I had, and I will not come back with a statement like that when their facts are completely wrong.

He could say: 'Yeah, but you did not win anything. You got two fourth place finishes and the quarterfinals of the Champions League, but you did not win anything '.

"Well the present team has had four years [under Pochettino] and they have not got anything either, but does it make them a bad team? No it does not! I love watching them and I love the manager.

"We all know Gary, he's an excellent pundit and a great right-back, but he's opinionated and sometimes he goes over the top.

"He has not got his facts correct in this case and he should have thought a little bit more about what he was saying.

"Yet, he's not enough to say: 'Yeah I'm wrong, I'll hold my hand up, that team Harry had a good team'.

"But it was not about me managing, it was about the team I had and I want to tell him that's not a gutless or spineless team."

Will this feud ever end?


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