Gary Oldman and the Dunces of Spying on Apple TV+

REVIEW – In this tasty British black comedy, sidelined MI5 agents inherit a dirty business. Decryption with one of his not very talented recruits: Scottish comedian Jack Lowden.

Aston Martins, state-of-the-art weapons, female admirers… James Bond made a monstrous advertisement for the profession of spy, but where do agents end up who don’t have the talent of 007? In an all-but-gold MI5 closet. That’s the starting point for Apple TV+’s earthy black spy comedy Slow Horsesinspired by the novels of Mick Herron.

Blacklisted for various missteps, these reprobates of British intelligence are housed in a dingy old building, in its juice since the 1970s, in the suburbs of London. A decrepit kingdom over which reigns the grumpy Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman delighted to be so little to his advantage), ex-pro in the field having crossed the iron curtain.

Secret agent routine

Now a greasy-haired boss who draws whiskey after lunch, he assigns the most thankless administrative tasks to his flock and ensures that they leave by 5 p.m. The goal of his department? Encourage these nickel-plated feet to quit or stop making waves…

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