Gary Oldman can’t stand this movie

At the time, he didn’t even read the script of The Fifth Element, he only accepted the role of the evil Zorg for the sake of a friend.

Many actors have works in their oeuvre that sounded good on paper, but failed in the cinemas. Of course, there are also quite a few films that were a hit even on paper, let alone filmed.

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However, Gary Oldman, on the other hand, has only one film that he remembers with a bad taste: and this is Luc Besson’s cult sci-fi, The fifth Element. Although in the role of the evil Zorg, Oldman was quite a fun crazy villain (so much so we also selected PORT.hun here among his most memorable performances).

The most memorable moment of 65-year-old Gary Oldman 6+5

The actor’s trademark is that he is almost completely absorbed in the role.


Oldman is an older one Playboy– said in his interview: he just can’t stand this movie. In 2016, he also talked about how he only took the job as a favor to a friend and didn’t even read the script properly.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Gary Oldman proved that he was not only capable of bringing raucous operetta villains to life, but also held his own in more serious, dramatic roles. THE Harry Potter-films Sirius Black was masterfully played by Christopher Nolan The dark knight-trilogy, the Gotham law enforcer, Inspector Jim Gordon. In his latest film, he deals with the life of one of the fathers of the atomic bomb Oppenheimerand in , he worked with Nolan again: he got the role of Harry S. Truman, the president of the United States of America.


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