MONEY – The price of gas continues its crazy rise while the supplementary pensions are revalued in the dropper. Financial assistance for the disabled is significantly increased. Find what is changing, for good or bad, on November 1st.

If greyness and cold have not already plagued you, the following may make you smile. November 1, the price of gas flies, one of the major airlines low cost starts to charge cabin bags and supplementary pensions, although upgraded, progress three times slower than inflation. But as not everything is gray, adults with disabilities can at least count on a significant revaluation of the allowance providing them with minimum income.

The recent increase in private wages paid to bank accounts these days (due to the cancellation of the unemployment insurance contribution from October), still has a lot to cheer up a good part of consumers. You can check here what is your gain compared to previous months. Between good and bad news for your portfolio, review details of the changes made as of this November:

Regie's regulated tariffs, which concern 4.6 million homes (out of the 10.5 million gas customers), rise precisely by 5.79% excluding taxes on average, ie 5.4% including all taxes. Since the beginning of the year, the cumulative increase has exceeded 16%. Hard to swallow when you turn on the heater. This price increase is in fact directly linked to the soaring prices of gas and oil in the markets.

This increase, however, does not affect all households concerned in the same way. Those who use this energy for cooking experience an increase of 1.9% on average. This will be 3.6% for those who use it for cooking and hot water and 6% for those who get warm with it.

The maximum amount of the allowance for adults with disabilities (AAH) is increased by 41 euros to 860 euros. In one year (November 2019), this benefit will increase again by 40 euros to 900 euros. This financial assistance ensures a minimum of resources for those concerned; it complements any other income. It is attributed according to the rate of incapacity in particular.

Supplementary private pension: + 0.6%

After five years of freezing, the supplementary pensions of Agirc-Arrco are revalued by 0.6%. These benefits concern 12.6 million retirees who worked in the private sector. In detail, the Agirc point (for executives) goes to 0.4378 euro (instead of 0.4353 euros) and the Arrco point (for non-executives) to 1.2588 euro (instead of 1.2513 euro) .

This is, however, good news because, as is the case with an agreement made a few years ago, this revaluation is one percentage point less than the inflation forecast for the current year at the time of publication. calculation. It therefore implies a decrease in purchasing power.

Ryanair: + 6 euros (minimum) for a cabin bag

New for travelers too. The airline Ryanair now charges an additional cost for suitcases that may be accepted in the cabin. However, you can always travel with a small bag on you (40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm, maximum) without having to shell out anything more.

A larger baggage will have to be deposited at the check-in counter for placement in the hold (whereas until now, if it was compact and weighed less than 10 kilos, it was accepted free in the cabin ). This operation costs 8 euros on booking and 10 euros if it is done after cost online (up to 40 minutes before departure). Otherwise, it will cost you 25 euros at the baggage drop counter or at the boarding gate.

Another possibility: opt for priority boarding, at 6 euros at the time of booking, 8 euros later (and up to 30 minutes before departure). This not only allows you to access the priority queue but also to keep your luggage under 10 kilos in the cabin.

To note : As every year, the winter break suspends evictions until March 31st. Owners in conflict with their tenants, and having won the case in court, will have to wait for the return of a more lenient weather to expel them. Donors may, however, when they wish, initiate an appeal to start a procedure, which may become effective in the spring.



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