Gas leaks at sea, Biden’s words in February: “If Russia invades Ukraine, there will be no more Nord Stream”

After the gas leaks from the

Gazprom submarine pipeline in the Baltic Sea

which took place on Monday, the words spoken in February by the American president,

Joe Biden

, become topical again. And what may initially have seemed like an accident is becoming more and more a


. The

European Union

, according to which it is “a deliberate act” that deserves “a solid and united response”. From the


comes the sharp reply to the accusations: “

Stupid and absurd to blame us

“of self-sabotage of the

Nord Stream 1

he was born in

Nord Stream 2

. The Kremlin: “Biden clarify whether the US is behind the incidents”. Washington replies: it is ridiculous to insinuate doubts about the US.