Gas Price Spike in San Diego – XEWT 12

San Diego, California, September 20, 2022 – Gas prices are rising again in San Diego County, and some businesses hitting the road to meet their ultimate goals are taking notice of the increase.

“Drivers in San Diego County and throughout Southern California and the state are paying higher prices at the pump right now,” said Doug Shupe, a spokesman for AAA in Southern California.

Regular unleaded gasoline prices were up 4 cents from last week and 8 cents from a month ago.

Due to those higher prices and the war in Ukraine, AAA said refineries have been running near capacity, so necessary maintenance is being done, which affects supply.

Things like winter mix fuel can be a relief to average drivers and those like Dobbs who drive for a living.

AAA anticipates that winter blend fuel will hit the market in late October.

Reportero: Ryan Hill

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