Gas prices skyrocketing. On motorways it peaks up to 2 euros per liter


Fuel prices are rising. After the tightening of US sanctions against Iran and tensions in Libya, the prices of crude oil and therefore of oil products are rising. Today it is up to Eni, IP and Italiana Petroli to revise the recommended petrol and diesel prices, with increases of 1 cent for both fuels.

And on the highways, on the eve of the April 25th bridge, prices also exceed 2 euro per liter for petrol: on the A1 Milan-Naples, the case of the 2.041 euro per liter reported in the Lucignano est area (Arezzo) to the served; 2.051 euros per liter in Arno west (Florence); 2,071 at San Pietro (Naples); 2,020 San Zenone est (Milan), as emerges from the Mise fuel observatory.

But how much would we save if those excises were abolished? The total value of 0.113 euros per liter, to which should be added VAT. In other words: the Italians would pay eleven euro cents less for every liter of gasoline. What would be the cost for the Italian state? Given that every extra cent of excise tax produces a revenue of 400 million euros a year, the lost revenue for the State would be around 4.5 billion euros. How would this measure be covered from a fiscal point of view? No word yet.



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