Gas rationing due to cuts from Russia, what it means and what could happen

For the moment, gas rationing is only a hypothesis, but if the impact of the cut in gas supplies from Russia turns out to be more serious than expected, this autumn could also materialize.

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For now it is only a hypothesis. But with bills already skyrocketing and the cut in gas supplies from Russia threatening to worsen the situation further, there is talk of the possibility of gas rationing. Which, in practice, could mean temperature and time limitations for the thermostat next fall. “We must begin to consider the possibility of rationing, which is a double-edged sword to be used with extreme delicacy. However, it would be an important action that will begin to calm the markets“, explained to Adnkronos Davide Tabarelli, president of Nomisma Energia.

To then warn of the need to prepare for winter, adopting an aggressive, not passive strategy. In short, be ready for the worst scenario and continue to intervene on bills to protect the most vulnerable groups. The CEO of Eni, Claudio Descalzi, according to whom our country’s contract with Algeria will save us from rationing. Italy would thus have “the strength to find solutions“to the cuts of the Russian Gazprom:”Il Algerian gas it has more than doubled, at the moment it gives 64 million cubic meters. Also we have the Tap, all the Lngs go to the maximum“, he guaranteed.

The Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, for its part, it is not unbalanced. It merely ensures that “we have all the countermeasures ready“. It’s still: “You have to be quick but not hasty. It is 24 hours since Russia announced a decrease in supplies; the reasons decrease stabilizes or if it is an event, an episode and based on this then appropriate decisions will be made“In other words, it is too early to understand whether the cut in gas supplies from Russia will continue in the long term and what the impact on the European energy market and our economies will be in that case. We will have to wait a little longer. time, but already this week a number of decisions could be made.

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