Gas service will be suspended in 5 parishes in Maracaibo this Friday 7-A

From the Mayor’s office they indicate that it will be suspended, in more than 40 sectors, from 7:00 pm and that its restoration is expected from 2:00 am on Saturday 8-A.

Press release

01:28 PM / 06/08/2020

The Mayor’s Office of Maracaibo announced that this Friday, August 7, the service of domestic gas will be suspended in sectors of five parishes in the municipality, to install a valve and repair a gas leak on Sabaneta Avenue.

The director of Public Services of the Mayor, Roberto Rojas, explained that the supply of domestic gas by pipeline will be suspended from 7:00 pm and that its restoration is expected from 2:00 am, so he called for users to take the forecasts of the case.

The sectors are as follows:

Bolívar Parish:

*Hospital Central.

* Surroundings of the Mayor’s Office of Maracaibo.

* Carabobo Street.

* Right Street.

*San Felipe.

Chiquinquirá Parish:

* Hospital Chiquinquirá.

* Torres de El Saladillo.

* Around the El Cuadrado cemetery.

* Santa Rosalía.

* Part of Nueva Vía.

* El Pozón.

Cacique Mara Parish:

* Arismendi.

* Royal neighborhood.

* Gonzaga Hills.

* Calle 95 Cañada Honda.

* Terraces of the Lake.

* La Florida sector.

* Santa Rosalía.

* Amparo sector.

*Of. 40 Honda Case.

*Of. 35 Canada Honda.

* San José Corridor.

* Cañada Honda.

Cecilio Acosta Parish:

* Urb. Urdaneta.

*The conquest.

* Father of the Nation.

*The nursery.

* Las Palma Residences.

* Atagro corridor.

* Neighborhood 5 de Julio 1 and 2.

* Alfredo Sadel neighborhood.

* Urb. The Guayabal.

* Sabaneta corridor.

* Gallo Verde Residences.

* El Varillal Residences.

* La Vega Residences.

* Airport Hotel.

* Surroundings of the Cecilio Acosta University.

* Nora Herrera sector.

* Urb. Peace.


* Surroundings of the Pista Lake pump.

Manuel Dagnino Parish:

* Liberty neighborhood.

* San Pedro neighborhood.

* El Calvario neighborhood.

*Blue Lake.

*The mission.


* El Metro Residences (El Guayabal).

The director of Sagas, Héctor Bracho, explained that the valve closure will be carried out for the installation of a 4 “flanged valve and the welding of a transition element from HDPE to 110 mm steel, in addition to the repair of a leak, reason why pressurized gas must be suspended in the line.

After carrying out the work for the maintenance and recovery of the domestic gas network, they indicate that the distribution of the service will improve and work will advance for the total recovery of the sectors that do not have it.

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