Gas station attendant asks the customer to wear the mask: he goes home to get the gun then comes back and kills him

Killed a 20 years for asking a customer to wear a mask, as well as the anti-Covid regulations for enclosed spaces. This is what happened in Germany, in Idar-Oberstein, in the land of Rhineland-Palatinate, to a young gas station attendant. The facts happened on the evening of Saturday 18 October: a 49-year-old man showed up at the cashier of the service station with a pack of six beers and the 20-year-old pointed out to him that he had to wear the vito mask that they were indoors. The man went into a rage and, seeing that the gas station attendant refused to make him pay for the beers, took and he went home to get his mask and a rifle.

After an hour and the 49-year-old returned to the cashier of the service station with the beers and the mask, which, however, he took off at the time of payment. At that point, the young man again ordered him to wear the personal protective equipment: the man then pulled out his rifle and shot him, killing him. Then he fled. A few hours later, however, it was identified and arrested by the police, who recognized it easily thanks to the images of the service cameras present in the petrol pump. He couldn’t help but confess to the murder, claiming he had acted because he was very stressed by the pandemic and to have felt compelled to give a signal against the restrictions imposed by Covid.

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