Gasco: Implementation of the project to transport the gas field of the Mediterranean Revin Complex Western Desert

Gasco: Implementation of the project to transport the gas field of the Mediterranean Revin Complex
 Western Desert

Written by Ahmed Abu Hajar

The Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO) plans to implement the project to transfer the gas from the Mediterranean Sea to the West Desert Gas Complex, according to a statement issued by the company.
The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tariq Al-Mulla, said that projects are being implemented to improve the efficiency and development of the National Grid for Natural Gas, as the gas transport artery for various economic and domestic sectors in all governorates of Egypt to cope with increasing consumption and achieving the necessary flexibility to accommodate the changes occurring in the gas industry in Egypt. , And keeping pace with technological developments, especially that the network will play a pivotal role in the project to transform Egypt into a regional center for trading and trading of gas and petroleum products.
During the presidencies of the General Assembly of the Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO) to approve the 2017 results, in the presence of the First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Gas Affairs, the Presidents of the Petroleum Authority and Gas Holding Company and the First Agent of the Central Auditing Organization The capacity of the national network for the transfer and distribution of natural gas, while emphasizing the importance of commitment to occupational safety and health and environmental protection.
The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources called for the importance of balancing the network in the southern region of Egypt to meet the planned growth needs of the Upper Egypt in light of the preparations for the next phase, in addition to the importance of completion of projects to protect and secure the lines and continue to contribute to community development in areas adjacent to the company’s activities and projects.
During the meeting, Engineer Hisham Radwan, the company’s president, reviewed the most important results of the company’s activities during 2017, as it received and distributed about 58 billion cubic meters of gas to different consumption sectors in the local market. The electricity sector had the first priority in securing its needs by 62% , While providing diesel fuel as an alternative fuel.
Ridwan pointed out that 14 new consumers were added, bringing the number of customers of the company by the end of 2017 to 527 customers. As for the projects of expansion and development of the National Gas Network, he explained that the other projects for the commercial operation of the new Siemens power stations Beni Suef – El-Borolos), which included the implementation of lines 76 kilometers long, and the establishment of 3 stations of reduction and measurement giant, in addition to complete projects to supply gas to the remaining power stations included in the five-year plan for the electricity sector 2012/2017.
According to the head of the Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO), the company carried out natural gas delivery projects for a number of industrial zones and major consumers. He pointed out that the lengths of the main lines of the national network doubled to reach seven thousand and 487 kilometers in 1997, and the transport capacity doubled to 225 million “The production of both the Western Desert Gas Complex and the Al-Amriya Potash Extraction Plant of the company amounted to more than two million tons of products of economic value, which contributed to supporting the local market with 605 thousand tons of the potash product and contributing to the support of the petrochemical industry T of one million tons of ethane / propane “mixture.
On the future plan of the company, Engineer Hisham Radwan said that a number of projects will be implemented and completed within two years as part of the company’s strategic plan 2015-2019, the most important of which is the implementation of the project to transport the gas field of the Reffen field for the Western Desert Gas Complex, Compressors 5 and 6 at Dahshur Compressor Station to meet the needs of South Valley customers and to complete the upgrading projects for the company’s sites, the national network and its accessories, in addition to the start of technical work and rehabilitation of the components of the National Natural Gas Network. Gas.
Radwan said that the company applies all the requirements and standards of safety and occupational health and environmental protection, because it plays an effective role in the continuity of operating the facilities of the company in full safety. The company also adopts the implementation of the social responsibility program to improve and support the economic and social situation of communities within the scope of projects Implemented by GASCO.

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