Gasoline rises four cents and diesel drops three cents on Monday

Gasoline and diesel should have different variations next Monday, according to forecasts released yesterday by the Ministry of Finance. Fernando Medina’s office predicts that the variation in the price of gasoline will translate into an increase of 4.1 cents per litre, while diesel should fall by 2.8 cents.

The figures provided by the Ministry of Finance already contain the review of the weekly mechanism of the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP). On Monday, this tax will be reduced by 1.5 cents to mitigate the rise in the price of gasoline. Without the mechanism, the rise in gasoline would be 5.6 cents, not the 4.1 cents expected.

The same exercise applies to diesel. Without the intervention of the ISP’s weekly review mechanism, the decrease would have been 4.6 cents and not the 2.8 cents that should be reflected.

The next review of the ISP’s weekly mechanism is scheduled for Friday, May 27th. Since October, successive reductions in ISP promoted by the Government have allowed the price of a liter of gasoline to be reduced by 24 cents per liter and that of diesel by 21.5 cents per liter.