Entertainment "Gaza Apollo", a legendary disappearance

"Gaza Apollo", a legendary disappearance


The Apollo of Gaza **

by Nicolas Wadimoff

Swiss documentary, 1:18

"Truth has no place in this country " immediately warns a resident of Gaza questioned by the director. Installed on the roof of his house, in the lights of the setting sun, this sculptor and copyist produces on the chain reproductions of ancient busts which he immerses in an acid bath to give them the patina of the old. Like most of the people interviewed in this documentary, he has his opinion on the origin and disappearance of Apollon which since 2013 feed the wildest rumors and speculations on this territory.

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This perfectly preserved bronze statue of Apollo was discovered in August 2013 by a fisherman off the coast of Gaza. Very few people have actually seen it with their own eyes. Only a few photos of the statue lying on children's sheets with Smurfs' motifs circulated among all the experts in the country. It appears surprisingly well preserved for a Greek statue dating from Ist century BC and having stayed in the water for a long time. Where exactly does it come from? Who really found it? Is it authentic? So many questions have remained unanswered since its sudden disappearance a few months after its discovery.

A deliberately murky investigation

For some, the statue would be false or already in the hands of a private collector, for others it would have disappeared because unsellable because of its rarity or to remove it from the appetites of Israelis wishing to get their hands on a archaeological treasure. It would then be in the hands of the government of Gaza, or rather of the military branch of Hamas, preserved as an object of national pride in the perspective of a future state freed from the blockade imposed on it. Swiss director Nicolas Wadimoff multiplies contradictory points of view, in order to blur the lines between truths and lies, myth and realities.

More than a real journalistic investigation which would allow us to cross-check its sources, it pursues several tracks at the same time, deliberately maintains the mystery and constitutes the pretext to show all the complexity of this thousand-year-old territory which saw the birth and disappearance of several civilizations. The archaeological enigma, which distresses specialists all over the world, starting with the Dominicans of the Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem, then appears as the metaphor for the scars left by the endless Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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