Gazprom resumes gas supply to Italy – Energy

Gazprom resumed gas supply to Italy this Wednesday through Austria. The news – which was communicated by the Russian company via Telegram and later confirmed by the Italian Eni – dropped gas prices in the Amsterdam market, a benchmark for Europe.

Gazprom indicated that, together with the Italian buyers, it had resolved the regulatory issues that were preventing the raw material from passing through Austria. The problem has been resolved, with the Austrian regulator indicating that a solution has been found to overcome the measures implemented by the country last month.

Supply to Italy had been interrupted on Saturday, at a time when European authorities were investigating gas leaks in Nordstream gas pipelines in the Danish and Swedish seas, suspecting sabotage and pointing to possible Russian interference, which Moscow was quick to point out. reject. The interruption of supply to Italy was caused by Gazprom’s failure to pay a guarantee to the Austrian operator for the passage of gas, Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni, had already indicated at an event on October 3.

Gazprom has used regulatory disputes and contractual clauses to limit Russian gas supplies to Europe at a time when the Kremlin’s relations with the West deteriorate following the invasion of Ukraine.