Gb, left his wife and children for Ukrainian refugee: it’s already over

Yet Garnett had believed in the story to such an extent that he left his wife and children for her, known in his home. He had offered her a safe place to take refuge after her escape from the war-torn Ukraine.

Media history –

The love between the two was born in

ten days

. After Sofiia arrived at her home, the 29-year-old had decided to leave his family to build a future with her. “I’m in love, I’m sure I want to spend the rest of my life with her,” Garnett told al Daily Mail. Sofia admitted she had a soft spot for Tony as soon as she saw him in England. “It all started with the simple intention of doing good, helping those who suffer in Ukraine, man or woman,” he said to the The Sun.

The break –

Then from the refugee’s past, unclear stories emerged that saw her

trafficker in university term papers

. Again, a few months ago, the announcement that due to the media coverage he had lost his job and then what she had discovered that she had a disease that threatened to make her blind. And again the economic difficulties, the announcement that they would welcome a young refugee from war and to conclude the love song that he would write for her ex.

I motives –

According to reports il Mail online Tony would have been the one to remove her, after calling the police, because “she doesn’t know how to manage her relationship with alcohol and she has also let herself go to vandalism by stabbing a wall”. The scene would have taken place during the 29-year-old’s birthday.

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