GE shares fall on Dow Jones


General Electric fell on Monday, the only loser on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Losses in the company, which is in the industry after a report by Goldman Sachs, confirm that the revised financial statements of General Electric set the 2018 earnings outlook at risk. In the fourth quarter of last year, General Electric reported a quarterly loss, but this year earnings estimates rose, with estimates for earnings per share adjusted for this year ranging from $ 1 to $ 1.07. General Electric reduced its results in 2016 and 2017 retroactively to reflect new accounting standards in the United States. Goldman Sachs analyst Joe Richie said in a note that the outlook was “almost certain” and could come as soon as General Electric’s Q1 results were released later this week. General Electric fell more than 1.1% to $ 13.34. During the same period, the bullish trend was overshadowed by Wall Street’s performance, with the Dow Jones gaining more than 1.2% to 24,659.7 points.


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