Gechev: The Ministry of Agriculture introduces “Big Brother” for food quality and prices – Society – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria

Today we are launching the traceability system for food quality, quantities and prices for public consultation. This was stated in the studio of “Hello, Bulgaria” by the Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev. He explained that the system will monitor the path of all imported food to the Bulgarian consumer.

Gechev claims that such a registry would be very useful for several reasons. One is that in the event that a signal is received about unsafe food, the institutions can withdraw the product from the market until the last issue. The other advantage is that it makes it easier to control the traders.

In his words, the goods – especially the oil-producing sunflower and grain, which enter the EU without obstacles from Ukraine, “unbalance the market and undercut both the prices and the demand” for Bulgarian products. “Yes, we are a country in solidarity with Ukraine, but the price paid by Bulgaria and Bulgarian farmers is extremely high,” he was categorical.

The Minister of Agriculture also explained how unfair commercial practices will be fought. “When the price difference between the producer and the seller is more than 25% gross or 10% net, they will have to notify KZP and KZK beforehand about this larger margin”, said Yavor Gechev. He specified that on the subject of the price ceiling, meetings with the representatives of the food chains in our country are yet to come.

The Minister of Agriculture did not hide that there is an increase in the price of irrigation water by between 15 and 300%, but he emphasized that the department he leads is doing everything possible to solve the problem. “We have very good communication with the organizers of the protest and they know very well our declaration that we not only have the desire, but we will solve the problem, but first I have to meet with the Minister of Finance. We have found internal reserves to compensate for the water so that it does not rise more than last year’s price”, said Gechev.

As the reason for the increase in the price of water, the minister pointed to the increased electricity prices. He stressed that irrigation should start in June.

Watch the whole conversation in the video.

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