Geissens: Daughter Davina disappointed with Instagram video: “Too bad”

Davina Geiss posted this photo on June 2, 2021 on her Instagram account.

The Geissens not only keep their fans up to date on TV, the millionaire family is also active on social networks. However, a video of daughter Davina has now caused disappointment.

The summer of 2022 has long since arrived. This is reflected not only in gradually rising temperatures, but also in many people’s wardrobes. It will be airy, light and summery colorful.

This is also the case with Davina Geiss. The daughter of Robert and Carmen Geiss regularly posts her stylish outfits on Instagram and now has a proud 385,000 followers (as of June 27).

The Geissens: Davina causes split reactions with video

On Sunday (June 26), the 19-year-old decided on a particularly summery outfit. The Geiss sprout presents itself in front of the camera in a sunny yellow dress. In a short clip, she poses in front of the mirror and skilfully stages herself. In addition, she posts three yellow hearts as a caption.

After just one day, the video was clicked over 80,000 times. And in the comment column there are, as usual, countless positive reactions, hearts and compliments.

  • “Very beautiful!”
  • “Wow, so pretty!”
  • “You look stunningly beautiful!”
  • “The dress looks great on you!”

But not everyone is so impressed by the video clip. Some of the fans are downright disappointed.

The reason? Davina uses one of the typical face filters on Instagram in the clip. The face appears more flawless, more distinctive and supposedly more beautiful. But it’s too much for the fans.

  • “You don’t even need the filter!”
  • “It’s a pity, hardly recognizable anymore!”
  • “It doesn’t look like you at all!”
  • “If you just don’t look like yourself anymore, all the make-up and all the filters are useless. Absolutely unnatural and 0% YOU. Like a Sims character.”
  • “The filter is distorting something! Pity!”

The filters are now commonplace on Instagram, but they are often heavily criticized because they often change the person’s appearance too much.

In any case, the reactions of Davina’s fans speak a clear language: , prefers , fans without a face filter. So maybe a reason to just skip the extra editing next time. (mei)