Gender equality at work: a slow change for women

A majority of women continue to be pessimistic about gender equality in the workplace despite growing social awareness, according to a recent Randstad Canada survey.

Almost 63% of the women questioned felt that they were not yet offered the same opportunities as men in their workplace.

According to the probe, about a third of women argued that there had been no progress in the past 10 years on gender equality, when 19% saw big improvements.

Only half of the women surveyed also said they were ready to run for promotion, while 47% of women aged 25 and under felt they had to work more than their male colleagues to be recognized.

When it comes to diversity, inclusion and equity in companies, almost 30% of women believe that good measures are taken by their employer, 25% believe that certain initiatives are put in place without making a big difference and 25% of them said no action is taken.

“While companies have struggled to create new policies aimed at reducing prejudice and improving fairness, women still express doubts about compliance and effective enforcement of these policies,” said Tuesday by way. release Carolyn Levy, Chief Diversity Officer, Randstad Canada.

Almost two-thirds of the women interviewed also pointed out that they had witnessed or had been personally affected by at least one form of unconscious prejudice.

“It is clear that employers do not perform well when it comes to diversity, equality and inclusion in the eyes of their employees. While small steps have been taken to address these issues, much remains to be done, ”Ms. Levy said.

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The survey was conducted by Randstad Canada among more than 1,000 working women from diverse and minority backgrounds.