Gender Equality: Ellexx offers women’s legal protection

“elleXX JUSTIS” is the name of the insurance. The purely digital legal protection subscription for women can be canceled on a monthly basis. It is designed to provide personal legal advice and representation in court when it comes to bullying, divorce, and unequal wages and career opportunities. Single parents should also receive support with legal questions. Background: For reasons of cost, many women would often shy away from going to court in order to obtain their rights, according to a statement. “Women should finally be able to defend themselves against wage inequality and bullying in the workplace,” said Ellexxx CEO Patrizia Laeri.

With their financial and media platform Ellexx, the founders – the former CNN Money editor-in-chief Laeri, the lawyer and journalist Nadine Jürgensen and the designer and entrepreneur Simone Züger – want to ensure that more women take their finances into their own hands. Among other things, has a “women-friendly equity product” developed with Migros Bank.
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