Gender identity: mixed commission closed stage of public hearings


This Monday a new session of the mixed commission was held to review the draft gender identity in which the parliamentarians listened to the presentations of different civil society organizations for and against the initiative.
The president of the instance, the deputy Adriana Muñoz (PPD) , commented that with this hearing the public hearings stage was closed and that the next session will be held on May 7.
“What we have done is to conclude with the public hearings stage, and we agreed with the commission to meet again on Monday, May 7, since the entire week of displacement to the districts and regions is coming” , Munoz said to Cooperative .
“Once the 7 is constituted, we will once again set the final date for the submission of proposals, and several of the different senators and deputies have already arrived and that day we will determine the definitive date,” he added.
The parliamentarian stressed that after this will begin the particular treatment of the initiative in which seek to achieve agreements with the Government.
With this, the deadlines were extended as the project could be seen by the Chamber of both Chambers at the end of May or in the course of June.
The different positions
The Government proposal it contemplates that children under 14 years of age are left out, while for adolescents between 14 and 18 years of age the registry sex change is allowed, but not surgery or hormonal treatment.
In the Broad Front proposes to reduce the age to change the registration sex to children under 14 years.
“Our proposal includes children under 14 and we also want to incorporate the strengthening of public policies for the protection of transgender children beyond the registry change” said the deputy Natalia Castillo (RD).
In the UDI there are also extreme positions. While the deputy Jaime Bellolio adds to the Government’s idea that registration change is allowed from age 14, an option rejected by the party president, Jacqueline van Rysselberghe .
“The position that the government has expressed to incorporate over 14 years with their parents in a judicial proceeding is also supported by the organization of endocrinologists, supported by science and that is what we will continue to push, obviously I’m going to add to the Government’s proposal ” said Bellolio.
“There are three different positions, all valid, one, which is what I support, that it is not prudent to change sex to minors”, said Senator Van Rysselberghe.
The commission extended the deadline until May 7 to receive proposals.
The exhibitions
One of the most anticipated addresses was that of Igor Vega , father of the actress Daniel Vega.
“I do not come to present statistics to you, I only come to this commission to give the following testimony of life. We form an ordinary family, one of our children came to our lives with a beautiful and special way of being that since childhood showed us and prepared, without asking with shouts, through signs, that we were raising a daughter “, said Vega.
Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh), Rolando Jiménez , referred to the position of the Executive, in relation to the case of children under 14, which states that they can not access a registry change.
“It would be a setback that the law does not include children under 14 (…) We invite parliamentarians to be consistent. Here you have to put yourself in place and safeguard the best interest of the child, a concept that has been used so much for the processing of this project. I make a call to rationality and empathy, “he said.
From the Jaime Guzmán Foundation, the lawyer María Teresa Urrutia noted that the decision to make a change of sex can only be taken by someone who experiences a disagreement , between your biological and registration sex, so It is required that the person have minimum necessary maturity and understanding, that only the quality of adult can ensure.
This Monday they exposed in the commission:
1. Movement of Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh).
2. Independent National Trade Union of Transvestite, Transgender and Other Sex Workers, “Amanda Jofré”.
3. Jaime Guzmán Foundation.
4. Equuales Foundation.
5. Professor of Civil and Family Law of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Francisca Ibarra.
6. Corporation Option.
7. Grouping Defiendo Chile.
8. Professor of the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Diego Portales Domingo Lovera.
9. Igor Vega, father of the actress Daniela Vega.
10. Endocrinologist Enzo Devoto Canessa.


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