General Directorate of Public Credit | Buenos Aires City

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Missions and functions

Within the powers of the General Directorate, the programming, allocation and control of financing means related to public credit operations are included. Among the main missions and functions are the management of internal and external financing, based on the processes of issuance, amortization, placement and redemption of loans, debt registration, other procedures inherent to debt restructuring, and participation in the approval of endorsements, bonds and guarantees. Likewise, it intervenes in the execution and administration of loans with Multilateral Credit Organizations, bilaterals and development agencies, among others.

primary responsibilities

* Plan and implement policies aimed at fostering the acquisition of short and long-term, national and international financing with multilateral credit and capital market organizations. * Understand the administration, monitoring, control and amortization of international loans to finance projects within the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. * Understand the development of fiscal and financial links with the National State and the provincial states, jointly with the Ministry of Government.


The General Directorate of Public Credit (DGCPUB) is the governing body of the public credit system. Its primary responsibility is to program, allocate and control the means of financing that are obtained through public credit operations and to carry out in a timely manner the service of the public debt. For such purposes, it conducts the processes of negotiation, evaluation, issuance, placement and redemption of debts, as well as the granting of endorsements, sureties and guarantees. Likewise, it is in charge of processing authorization requests for the start of public credit operations, guiding negotiations and intervening in them. The DGCPUB participates in the formulation of the credit aspects of the financial policy, providing advice and reporting on issues within its competence. In order to fulfill its functions, it maintains an information system on the national and international capital market in order to advise the Executive Branch on financing possibilities. This address keeps an updated record of existing debt in the Public Sector. Observe the financial and operational execution of priority loans, programs and projects for the City Government. The governing body of the public credit system is responsible for financial relations with multilateral credit organizations, the capital market, and the local and international financial system. Based on this, it understands the negotiation, monitoring, administration and execution of loans granted by official institutions, both multilateral and bilateral, analyzing their financial situation, projections of disbursements and payments. Another of its objectives is to verify that the financing means obtained through public credit operations are applied to their specific purposes, ensuring their correct programming and use. Finally, it is in charge of supervising the technical aspects of the design, planning and implementation of the financing strategy with the provincial governments and the National Government, and assisting the Ministry of Government, within the framework of its powers, in relations with them.


Address: Av. Martín García 346, 1st floor Telephone: 5030-9100 Mail: [email protected]

Regulatory framework

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