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General Motors donates $ 10,000 for a name for a new electric bike

General Motors is now engaged in the production of electric cars, and they need your help to name them.

On Friday, General Motors introduced two new electric vehicles, but not the ones you expect to see from one of the world's largest automakers. Two new electric bikes (e-bikes) – one collapsible, the other compact – are presented as part of GM's broader plans for promoting electrification of vehicles.

GM doesn’t really talk about the bikes themselves, keeping silent about such key characteristics as size, weight, range and price. The company is looking for a response from consumers to help name electric bicycles, offering $ 10,000 for a top crowdsourcing bid and $ 1000 for each of the nine ranked ones. As soon as the name is chosen, GM will tell more about how much it will cost and where it will be possible to buy bicycles.

The site to apply to get a free $ 10,000.

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