General states of birth, Pope and Mattarella’s appeals for the family – Politics

“The issue of the birth rate represents a real social emergency. It is not immediately perceptible, like other problems that occupy the news, but it is very urgent: fewer and fewer children are born and this means impoverishing everyone’s future; Italy, the Europe and the West are impoverishing their future “. He states it Pope francesco in the greeting sent to the participants in the second edition of the General States of the Birth, which take place today and tomorrow at the Auditorium della Conciliazione in Rome, which is read at the opening of the proceedings. “There is an existential periphery in the West, not very conspicuous, which is not immediately noticeable. It is that of women and men who have the desire for a child, but are unable to make it happen,” says Pope Francis. “Many young people struggle to realize their family dream – underlines the Pontiff -. And then the bar of desire is lowered and we are satisfied with mediocre substitutes, such as business, cars, travels, jealous care of free time … The beauty of a family full of children risks becoming a utopia, a difficult dream to achieve “. “This is a new poverty that frightens me – observes Francis -. It is the generative poverty of those who discount the desire for happiness in their hearts, of those who resign themselves to watering down the greatest aspirations, of those who are content with little and stop hoping for big “. “Yes, it is a tragic poverty – he adds -, because it affects human beings in their greatest wealth: giving life to the world to take care of them, transmitting the existence received to others with love”. “Not seeing the problem of denatality is a short-sighted attitude; it is giving up seeing far away, looking ahead. It is turning away, thinking that the problems are always too complex and that nothing can be done. It is, in a word For this reason – continues the Pontiff – I like the title of your event, organized by the Foundation for the Birth and promoted by the Forum of Families: ‘It can be done’. It is the title of those who do not resign. who hopes against all hope, against numbers that inexorably worsen from year to year “. According to Francis, “it can be done means not passively accepting that things cannot change”, and “things can change if without fear, going beyond partisan interests and ideological barriers, we work together”.

“The marked decrease in the birth rate represents one of the most worrying aspects of contemporary social dynamics and signals a difficulty” and therefore it is necessary “to take on with determination the objective of facing the crisis in the country’s demographic structure”, favoring the “family and fulfillment of the relative tasks “as” the article 31 of the Constitution prescribes, which consequently calls us to the protection of motherhood, infancy and youth “. Like this Sergio Mattarella in a message sent to the President of the Foundation for the Birth and the Forum of Family Associations, Gianluigi De Palo.

“The country’s demographic structure suffers from serious imbalances that significantly affect the development of our society”, writes the President of the Republic.
“A phenomenon – highlights Mattarella – which has become accentuated with the pandemic and which has generated new inequalities and a widespread precariousness that discourages young people from building a family. to be quickly implemented, to contribute to the restart of the country “.
According to the Head of State “it is necessary to insist in pursuing conditions that allow the younger generations to build their own future and, in this sense, full dignity must be guaranteed to young people, women and families”. The “institutions at all levels” have the “responsibility”, he reminds him, of protecting “motherhood, childhood and youth by promoting the institutions necessary for this purpose”. Women “still have to face too many obstacles and difficulties to achieve full equality and an essential contribution can come from the reconciliation of time spent looking after the family and working time. It is a question that also challenges businesses and their social function. there may be an opposition between professional commitment, work activity and the choice of maternity. Family policies are an essential contribution to the development “of the country.

If the birth rate is not reversed with structural measures, in 2050 Italy will have 5 million fewer inhabitants: only a little more than one in two people would be of working age, with 52% of people between 20-66 years old. which should provide both for the care and training of people under the age of twenty (16%), and for the production of adequate resources for the maintenance and assistance of pensioners (32%). In this context, annual births could drop to 298,000 units in 2050. They are some of the data State illustrated by president Gian Carlo Blandiardo to the General States of Birth.