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Generation C artists and cultural workers – Academy of Cultural Education

by archyw

After the game is before the game (to be explored and continued)

Generation C artists
I hope so!
I hope i have grown. I hope I learned. I hope I still feel like getting in touch. I hope we can still smell each other. I hope I’ll be on my way again. The hurdles are higher. So are the risks. What can I win too? I hope I still trust. Me. Us. Of the world. You. You. Still. Again. I hope I get dirty again. Throw me in arms and people again at ease. Jump over. Nudge you. Dance wild. I hope I still play. I hope I am getting closer. I hope I remember. In empty space. Inside and outside. Of all the impossibilities and possibilities. I hope i have grown.

Generation C artists
I can do that!

You can live with contradictions. You wreak havoc and run under the radar. You shape the powerlessness. You dance on narrow lines over abysses. You sweat with others. You let yourself be seduced by honey-sweet longings. You seduce bittersweet new possibilities. You destroy and shatter. You create and build. You question. You are shaken. You are shaken and stirred. You are megalomaniac. You are a tiny point in the universe. You’re so wrong. You hit the sore spot. You are who. Are you who Who are you now? What’s still up What’s up again? What is different You climb the mountain of dirt because a fresh wind is blowing above. Dilette digitally. Brilliant analog. Dilute digilog. You don’t know any better either.

Generation C artists
I can do it!

Question and question system relevance and the systems and the makers of the systems.
Shape the identity-creating role of culture in a constantly changing society.
Have a model, seismographic and future-oriented impact on society.
Open up subversive spaces of possibility.
Train voice pipes from and for transformation processes. Convey experiences of self-efficacy.
Invite you to think outside the box, individually, collectively, imaginatively.
Doctrine to argue and question disparities, to leave, to deconstruct, to reconstruct.
Seduce to endure, shape and balance uncertainty, contradiction, ambivalence and ambiguity.
Sow seeds of resilience.
Create a climate of creativity that forms the basis for developments.
Make survival possible, because without art and culture there is no life.
Be systemically relevant.

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Generation C artists
I play this!

All …
All artists …
All artists who …
Anyone who is afraid of being or becoming superfluous becomes invisible.
Anyone who thinks this is the end of true art are ashamed of themselves.
Everyone who feels adolescent defiance is welcome.
Everyone who feels the need to reassure themselves shouts: “Hurray!”
Everyone who can now hold video conferences has their thumbs up.
Anyone who doesn’t have any new answers will still ask questions.
Anyone who firmly believes that they are systemically important …
All artists who …
All artists …
All …
(to be explored and continued)

Author: Sandra Anklam

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