Genetic tests, what can be expected from them on a practical level?

For a long time medicine has been based on analytics to reach accurate diagnoses when proposing treatments.

However, from a few years to this part, it is the genetic tests that are assuming an unprecedented revolution.

“All the advances that are being developed at this time are key to new medicine, more based on prevention and personalization than ever to be truly effective,” they explain from GalaxyDNA.

And for this, nothing like knowing the genetic predisposition of patients.

Thanks to a simple test and with a delay of weeks, all the genetic information related to health can be known for less than 100 euros.

Practical uses of genetic results

Know her genetic predisposition to certain pathologies It can serve as a guide for doctors to propose a series of routines, diet improvements or guidelines that could control this indicator so that it does not happen or to detect any alteration in it early.

In addition, part of the genetic information also speaks of how each person responds to a particular drugwhich would allow adapting the treatments to the one that can offer the best result to each person almost in a personalized way.

One of the latest advances is also closely related to the design of cosmetic treatments that make up for the lack of certain vitamins or components when it comes to improving skin and dermal well-being. “There is more and more sensitive skin, with dermatitis and other pathologies that could improve with tailor-made formulations to respond to the true needs of the skin,” they explain.

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Also, in the same sense, athletes may be able to adapt workouts so that they are more effective and less harmful. It has been shown that the physical abilities of elite athletes are related, in more than 66% of cases, to their genetic markers that would highlight muscular endurance, endurance or even explosiveness.

If there is, in addition, a vital moment to know all this information, it is when a woman plans or becomes pregnant. All this information will also help the baby since it will allow not only greater care but to know the inherited predisposition through the mother.

The overweight It is defined, according to the latest studies, between 40 and 70% by genetics. Knowing this predisposition can help to rule out the foods that the body tolerates, manages or processes the least and which ones help our health to maintain a healthy weight.