Genetic tips suggest in virus cases in Washington state

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The coronary virus may have been spread for weeks not found in the state of Washington, a preliminary finding that hundreds of undisclosed cases may have occurred, Sunday researchers said after analyzing genetic samples from two people. Due to the state of Washington, the home of the first infection confirmed by the nation, the nation’s first death was from the virus this weekend.

State and local authorities intensified the testing of the illness as new cases grew nationwide, and new infections were announced in Illinois, Rhode Island and the state of Washington. The authorities in the Seattle area said that the COVID-19 virus was diagnosed by two others, both men and 60 years old who were in critical condition. These cases brought the numbers to six in King Seattle County.

A man in his 50s died in Washington on Saturday and health officials said another 50 people in a nursing facility in Kirkland, Washington, were ill and were being tested for the virus.

Elsewhere, the Sunday authorities announced the third case in Illinois and the first case of Rhode Island as troubled Americans put goods on basic goods such as bottled water, canned foods and toilet paper. The patient in Rhode Island is a 40s man who went to Italy in February.

As continued, Vice President Mike Pence and Health Secretary and Human Services Alex Azar tried to reassure the American community that the federal government is working to ensure that the state and local authorities are in place. test the virus. Both of them said during a Sunday television talk show appearances that thousands of test kits were distributed to state and local officials, and thousands more to come.

“We should know that we have the best public health system in the world for them,” said Azar, saying that extra cases are reported and the overall risk to Americans is low.

As the cases ticked, some Americans stocked on basic supplies – especially in areas with diagnosed cases – and began to notice the impact on daily life. Shops as Costco sell toilet paper, bottled water and hand sanitizer outside Portland, Oregon, where a Friday case was announced. Sports games and practices were canceled in the next school week. Some churches said they would not offer communion because of the fear of spreading viruses.

As Americans prepared, researchers at Fred Hutchinson’s Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington Sunday said that they had evidence that the virus could be spreading in the state for up to six weeks without finding – a possible decision. hundreds of undiagnosed cases in the area. They submitted their online research online, but it was not published in a scientific journal or reviewed by other scientists.

Trevor Bedford, an associate professor who announced the preliminary results of the virus in the Washington state, said on Twitter late in Saturday that genetic similarities between the first case of the state on January 20 and a case announced on Friday suggested that the case may have arisen. newer one from the earliest. Jan 20’s case was the first known case in the United States.

“I believe there is a substantial outbreak in Washington State that has not yet been identified due to a narrow definition of cases requiring direct travel to China,” he said on Twitter.

Bedford did not immediately respond to an email that asked for a Sunday interview.

Scientists who are not affiliated to the research said that the results did not need to be surprised and said that many people are not significantly worse than influenza or the cold – especially younger and healthier ones.

“We estimate that this has a relatively high level of mild symptoms and can be asymptomatic. The properties are quite non-specific and the test criteria are quite strict, so these combinations of factors mean that it could be easily dispersed without our knowledge, ”said Justin Lessler, associate epidemiology professor. at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Dr. asked. Adam Lauring from the University of Michigan on the results of “quality work” from scientists who did similar work to the flu virus for years.

“They show their details and show their work,” said Lauring. “It’s more than a series of tweets” as the researchers are supporting the things they found online. “If something is wrong, one will get it.”

Dr Carlos del Rio from Emory University Medical School said that the results from researchers who are respected in genomic sequencing and that they make sense because of the geographical proximity of both cases.

“This is a good time to reinforce what we should all do to prevent the spread of influenza. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. If you are cold, stay at home … is a good time to remind ourselves, “he said.

A penny, nominated by the president as the person who oversaw the government’s response, said that over 15,000 virus test kits were released over the weekend. And, the administration has been working with a commercial supplier to distribute 50,000 more, he said.

The Vice-President said that testing of one of the first questions raised by the governors had been to date. Some states have started their own testing, including Washington, Oregon and Illinois.

“We’re leaning into it,” said Pence.

Azar said that over 3,600 people had already been tested for coronavirus and has the capacity to test 75,000 people. He predicted a “radical expansion of that” in the coming weeks.

Pence and Azar spoke a day after President Donald Trump approved new restrictions on international travel to prevent the spread of the new virus within the United States, which came from China. There are now more than 80,000 cases worldwide and about 3,000 deaths.

It is known that two Americans died of the virus, one in Washington state and one in China.

The new travel restrictions on Iran apply to Iran, although Americans already have a significant travel limit, as well as heavily affected regions in Italy and South Korea. Trump trumped Sunday that any travelers from these countries will be refined when they enter the United States.

Sunday cases had reached 70 cases of known coronary virus cases in the United States.

Trump said Saturday at a White House news conference that he was thinking of closing the southern border with Mexico as a precaution. Azar said Sunday that Mexico does not have many cases of coronary virus and would then take a significant change in circumstances to seriously consider a border extinguishment.

The president, Azar, said, “he wanted to say everything on board.” T

“We will take whatever steps are appropriate and necessary to protect the American people, but we do not notice doing so at any time soon,” he said about closing the border.

A penny noted that there is an infectious disease expert in line with the White House coronavirus task force on Monday. Pence announced last week that the Department of State’s ambassador-in-large and medical doctor Debbie Birx was the HIV / AIDS global response coordinator on the virus panel.

Despite calls from Trump and Pence for political unity against viral threats, the issue has deteriorated in the partisan division in Washington, with Republicans and the Democrats informing each other that they are trying to remove the issue. out for political gain.

Trump, at the political meeting last week, told the Democrats that they were “making policies” on the issue and said that their criticism of their public health challenge was “their false.”

At the White House on Saturday, Trump said he did not want to minimize the threat from the virus.

“Again, the toy was used for the Democrats and what they were saying,” he said on Saturday.

The democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, who emerged Saturday night from South Carolina primary school, criticized the administration for the availability of test equipment.

Biden also appointed the administrative decision. Pence and Azar, who are not scientists through training, are featured on Sunday shows, rather than an expert like Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief executive of infectious diseases of the National Institutes of Health.

Biden claimed that the administration does not have testing equipment. Pence and Azar said that thousands of kits were distributed.

Azar said he did not know what Biden was talking about when the former vice president said there was no testing equipment. Azar said that the Disease Control and Prevention Centers developed laboratory testing for coronavirus with “historical speed.”

A penny on CNN’s “State of the Union” was interviewed and Azar said “ABC’s Sunday News Sunday,“ Face the Nation ”and“ This Week ”ABC, Biden commented on CNN.


This situation was corrected to show that the patient in Rhode Island was a man, not a woman, who traveled to Italy in February.


Flaccus reported from Portland, Oregon. Writer Darlene Superville helped in Washington.

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