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Genevière Legay asks Macron "to take into account the sufferings of the people"

Geneviève Legay, 73, the spokesperson of Attac in the Alpes-Maritimes wounded during a police charge in Nice during a demonstration of yellow vests on March 23, invited on Monday the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron to " to take into account the sufferings of the people ".

"I would like you to take into account the sufferings of the people, that you listen to the sufferings of people," said the septuagenarian who read, surrounded by her family and sitting in a wheelchair in Nice hospital where she is treated, a message to the President of the Republic.

Explaining that she was present at the March 23 rally "for freedom to demonstrate", Ms. Legay said "to have gone peacefully". "I was not told anything, I was convinced that it was not forbidden," she repeated.

"What is your response to the victims of escalating police violence?" She said, asking Macron to "take them into account."

"I have a particular thought for Zineb Redouane who died in Marseilles after receiving a grenade.Nobody speaks more, it is unacceptable, judged Ms. Legay saying it was" the time to listen, to make decisions in consequence. Know that we will not let go, "she said.

On December 2, 2018, 80-year-old Zineb Redouane died on the hospital operating table after being hit in the face by a projectile while closing the shutters of her apartment during incidents during a demonstration.

Asked about her condition, Ms. Legay said she was dizzy and said the doctors had told her she could be out "in a couple of weeks," but "it's not certain."

During a banned demonstration of "yellow vests" in Nice, Mrs. Legay who repeated that she "thought she had been hit by a baton", had several broken ribs and broken skulls. A police officer admitted to having pushed her arm, while saying to have respected the orders.

A judicial investigation was opened in Nice for "voluntary violence by person in charge of the public authority". His change of scenery was requested by the lawyer of the family of the victim Me Arié Alimi.

The lawyer denounces in particular the fact that the Nice public prosecutor initially denied any contact between the protester and a police officer and the fact that the investigation was entrusted, just after the fact, to the departmental security whose head is the companion of the commissioner in charge of the command the day of the demonstration.


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