Genevois / Faucigny: what will your municipality look like in 20 years?

The four intercommunalities of the Cœur du Faucigny territorial coherence plan (Arve and Salève, Faucigny-Glières, Vallée Verte and 4 Rivières) come together to invite residents to participate in the construction of the project for their territory: “My village, my town, my territory in 20 years”

Within the framework of the consultation of the SCoT Coeur du Faucigny, a citizens’ workshop was held on February 12th around the theme “Reconciling housing and keeping land for food” organized by a think tank, made up of volunteer residents and interested parties as well as the services of SCoT.

What is the objective of the consultation?

The aim is to propose and implement consultation tools that are better suited to collecting the expectations of the inhabitants of the Cœur du Faucigny territory. The proposals will contribute to the dialogue register opened as part of the development of the SCOT Coeur du Faucigny.

To broaden citizen participation beyond this workshop, a questionnaire was drawn up directly from the reports of this evening.

How to participate ?

Everyone can participate by completing the questionnaire (between 5 and 10 minutes).

Answer here:

Deadline August 30, 2020.

The municipalities concerned: Arbusigny, Arthaz-Pont-Notre-Dame, Boëge, Bogève, Burdignin, Faucigny, Fillinges, Habère-Lullin, Habère-Poche, La Tour, Marcellaz, Mégevette, Monnetier-Mornex-Esserts-Salève, La Muraz, Nangy, Onnion, Peillonnex, Pers-Jussy, Reignier-Esery, Saint-André-de-Boëge, Saint-Jean-de-Tholome, Saint-Jeoire-en-Faucigny, Saxel, Scientrier, Villard, Ville-en-Sallaz, Viuz-en-Sallaz, Bonneville, Marignier, Ayze, Brison, Vougy, Contamine-sur-Arve.