ST. LOUIS (AP) Matt Harvey is well again and now, for good reason, his name appears in trading rumors.

Harvey threw five solid innings, scooters Gennett and Dilson Herrera got married and the Cincinnati Reds beat the St. Louis Cardinals 9-1 on Friday night.

Harvey, who was picked up by the New York Mets on May 8, won his fourth consecutive win and is 4-1 on his final six starts with a 2.38 ERA.

He gave up a run for four strokes, drew five and went two. He retired 10 coopers in a row before leaving for the sixth after giving up the lead to Jose Martinez.

"It has been a tough fight in recent years," said Harvey. "But now that I'm healthy, getting back into routine and having this five-day normal rotation, it's nice."

Harvey gave three strokes for the first five strokes he faced, before he allowed the rest of the blow just a beat.

"It looked like his belongings were close to what it was in the past," said St. Louis manager Mike Matheny.

Cardinal outfielder Jose Martinez added, "He was in charge of his fastball, 100 percent, and he let me hunt a lot."

Harvey (5-5) had suffered shoulder injuries in the last two seasons and missed the entire 2014 season.

His recent resurrection has made him popular on the trading market.

"It's not my choice, it's beyond my control," Harvey said. "I can only go out and do what I can, and that helps this team win, I love these guys, they have been great since I came here."

Outfielder Billy Hamilton, who outscrewed Matt Carpenter in the seventh year with a conquered catch, likes to play behind Harvey.

"He's one of those who throw strikes and put in the defense," said Hamilton. "He does not care to beat you. He wants to bring it into play and trust his defense. "

Jesse Winker reached the base four times and drove in three runs for the Reds, who took their second win in a row against St. Louis after breaking a 13-way losing streak against the Cardinals on 10 June.

St. Louis had won 17 of their last 20 games between teams.

"The Cardinals have been our number for a few years," said Cincinnati manager Jim Riggleman. "It's certainly great to win a ball game against them, to be honest we try to win only one ball every night, no matter who it is."

Blinker put the Reds at the top with a double win in the first lap early on.

Gennett scored his 17th Homer of the season against Carlos Martinez (6-5) in the third to push the lead to 3-1.

Herrera added a three-run, pinch-hit homer by Sam Tuivailala, to highlight a five-run breakout in the seventh.

Yadier Molina, who celebrated his 36th birthday, drove in the first run of the Cardinals.

Martinez gave up three runs on six hits over five innings. He had won his previous three starts.

Jose Peraza and Eugenio Suarez had three goals for Cincinnati, who won three out of four.

The Reds improved to 34-25 after their 8-27 start to the season. They are 39-37 under Riggleman who took over on April 19 for Bryan Price.


Boston Celtics standout Jayson Tatum dropped the first place before the contest. The native St. Louis wore a Cardinals jersey number 0, his NBA number.

Tatum visited the Chaminade School in the suburb of St. Louis.


Reds: RHP Austin Brice (1-2, 6.04) was recalled on Friday by Triple-A Louisville. RHP Tanner Rainey (0-0, 24.43) was selected to Louisville.

Cardinals: Activated RHP Luke Gregerson (0-0, 8.64) and LHP Tyler Lyons (1-0, 5.93) from the Disabled list. Gregerson had been paused since May 16 with a right shoulder impact. Lyons missed 33 games with a left elbow load. RHP John Brebbia (1-3, 4.13) and Luke Weaver (5-8, 4.72) were selected to Memphis.


RHP Luis Castillo (5-8, 5.53) meets RHP Jack Flaherty on Saturday afternoon in the second match of the three-game series (3-4, 3.34). Castillo is 0-3 with a 5.71 ERA in three career starts against the Cardinals. Flaherty comes from the shortest start of his career. He only went 2 1/3 innings and gave up three earned runs in a loss of 13-8.

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