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Genoa-Napoli 1-2: decides an autonomous Biraschi, blue wizards of the rain

GENOA – Suffers and wins the Naples that overcomes Genoa in a comeback to Ferraris thanks to Ruiz and a self-owned Biraschi after the first part of Kouamé had brought home the hosts. Genoa starts well in the first minutes trying to manage the inertia of the race showing aggressive but without being able to worry the team of Ancelotti. Napoli is struggling even though when it comes forward it still comes in front of the door defended by Radu. The first shot of the race, however, bears the signature of Piatek whose conclusion from the edge ends at the side while on the opposite side we try Hamsik from the distance but his conclusion ends high above the crossbar. Far more dangerous than the eleventh Insigne whose diagonal hits the base of the post with beaten Radu. With the passing of the minutes, Napoli grows thanks to a possession that creates many problems for the team of Juric. In the best moment of the Azzurri, however, Genoa took the lead. Kouamé counter-attack that widens for Piatek, the first cross is rejected by a defender, on the ribbed Romulo arrives that draws a perfect trajectory just for Kouamé that placed on the second post head beats Ospina. The advantage thus allows Genoa to better manage the game with the men of Juric that close very well blocking every action of Napoli that struggles to overcome the wall rossoblù. He succeeds in the 36 'but Radu is very good at pushing back on Milik placed in front of the door from Callejon. The copious rain then does not help the team of Ancelotti back from the midweek commitment to the Champions League.

The Italian coach in the interval decides to change and leaves Zielinski and Milik in the locker room by inserting Fabian Ruiz and Mertens and Napoli immediately attacked crushing Genoa in his trocar. But to help the home team thinks about the rain that increases intensity in the shot making it difficult to play so much that a few seconds after 13 'Abysm decided to stop the race that resumed only after 13 minutes. At the restart Napoli resumed to press on the accelerator and equalized. Mertens frees Ruiz that only at the level of the penalty spot hits almost a moving penalty, Radu can not do anything and Napoli is equalized. Shortly thereafter, Insigne almost doubled his way directly to a free-kick but Radu found himself ready, deflecting for a corner. Despite the interruption the rhythms remain high even if in some areas of the playing field it is really difficult. With the passing of the minutes, however, the Genoa takes courage and returns forward also complicit fatigue that begins to be felt in guest players, but above all raises even more a wall in midfield with the inclusion of Omeonga first and then Mazzitelli. But not enough for the team of Juric that three minutes from the end it hurts alone: ​​punishment of Ruiz from the top left, deflection of Biraschi who beats his goalkeeper. Juric is played so the Pandev card but nothing can and in the end are over six thousand host fans to celebrate even if the Genoa fans still reserve applause to their players.

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