GeNose’s Accuracy Is Again in Question, Accused of One of the Causes of Covid-19 Soaring

JAKARTA – The COVID-19 screening tool, GeNose C19, is accused of contributing to the increase and spike in cases in Indonesia. Because the accuracy is again questioned.

Molecular Biology expert, Ahmad Utomo revealed, there was information that some travelers who were positive for COVID-19 through the Rapid Antigen Test, chose to use GeNose because the results turned out to be negative.

Therefore, he asked the government to temporarily suspend the use of GeNose and return to using Rapid Antigen Test or PCR.

Covid-19 Volunteer Doctor, dr. Muhamad Fajri Adda’i explained that the research team must issue a clarification first regarding this issue, if a post-positive Covid-19 incident is found.

This case is still waiting for a response from the regulator of the Health Facility Security Agency (BPFK).

According to him, clarification and explanation from the authorized institution or parties related to GeNose is very important to explain the main cause of this case.

As is known, the use of GeNose is quite popular, especially at train stations. The reason is, the cost of the test is much cheaper than the antigen test, especially PCR.

Then the test method is also very easy, because it is enough to blow a kind of balloon. While the antigen test requires a swab from the nose.

Previously, the spokesman for the Covid-19 Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, revealed that GeNose used a breath sample and it was confirmed that it could not detect the type of Corona virus.

“GeNose itself in principle cannot detect the type of virus, whether its variant or point mutation that infects a person,” explained Prof. Wiku in a press conference, some time ago.

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“Because the GeNose work system aims to detect changes in organic chemical substances caused by viral infections, not to find the virus,” added Prof Wiku. (yud)

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