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George F. Will: The frivolity of the Democrats

Washington Democrats presidential candidates seem determined to prove that the success of their party in 2016 – the election of the current president – was not a coincidence that can not be repeated. But the Republican Party, whose last raison d'être is to thwart the Democrats, seems to be thinking: We are determined to lose the 2020 elections to thwart the Democrats who lose them.

The democratic aspirants are dubious about things they speak of with remarkable solemnity. In their words, many of them confirmed that the Green New Deal is a matter of life and death – not less for the planet. But their actions – zero votes for the GND – say something different.

Among the reasons these candidates for the abolition of electoral college, among other things, one reason that practically guarantees that it will not be abolished: Since each state receives two electoral votes for its senators, the system benefits from the least populated states. A contradiction of 13 states will erase any constitutional amendment. If the legislation of one of the 13 least populous states (Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Rhode Island, Montana, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Idaho, West Virginia) can not oppose the abolition one amendment rejected In the electoral system, other legislators – for example from Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Utah, Mississippi – are likely to cause a defeat.

The competition in the Democrat sweepstakes is intense. Beto O & Rourke is considering changing the constitution "to show that companies are not human beings". It is conceivable that he has not considered why Corporate Personhood has been anchored in Anglo-American law for centuries: profit-making and nonprofit organizations (including almost all progressive interest groups) have granted rights as "artificial persons" (William Blackstone set), to enable them to have lives, identities and missions across generations and to create a robust civil society of freely cooperating citizens.

Donald Trump must admire the Massachusetts Senate, Elizabeth Warren, through and through with Trumpian's proposal – Iowa – preventing foreigners from buying American farmland. Can diabolical foreigners not take our clay home? No, Warren says foreigners are threatening "food security" and therefore "national security." Warren and Trump – who sees a threat to national security from imported audis – are finally together.

"I wore my planned parenting pink!" Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar recently called for a call for Democratic candidates in Washington. She, who is to represent the sensitivity of the overland country in her disproportionately large coastal party, told the conclave that a "top priority" that she would highlight in the first 100 days of her presidency is the statehood of the District of Columbia. a special promise to facilitate the recovery of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, said that as the 46th President, he would prefer the Congress to the Freedom of Information Act. This may be a good goal, but not in the eyes of the voters.

The Financial Times notes that in 2018 exit surveys showed that a majority of voters – 41% – rated health care as a priority issue. This year, it became compulsory for all candidates to promise that health insurance should not be rejected because of existing health problems. But Trump ("Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated") is obviously looking for re-election and says, "Trust me, there will be 'a really big' republican health plan – after the election and after my government has convinced a court to liquidate the entire Affordable Care Act (including guaranteed coverage for persons with pre-existing conditions), which is now backed by a narrow majority.

Voters may wonder why the size of the upcoming health plan is not revealed as an electoral power. And voters may remember that Richard Nixon said in 1968: Trust me, I have a plan to end the Vietnam War. Seven years later, in April 1975, when the last helicopter was lifted from the roof of the besieged US embassy in Saigon, more than 21,000 Americans had died in combat since the inauguration of Nixon – about 37% of those killed in the war since the early 1960s ,

The potential candidate of the Democrats is probably one of the many who are already running. So remember the party with its mosaic of factions (wealthy progressives, faculty sociologists, suburban women, African American, Hispanic, climate warriors, identity warriors, etc.) and their aversion to the primaries of the winners remember 1972 or 1984. The nominees George McGovern and Walter Mondale received 25% and 38% of the votes of the nominated voters. In the two parliamentary elections, they lost 98 states.

George F. Will | The Washington Post
George F. Will | The Washington Post


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