Georgina Rodríguez discovers the messages of Cristiano Ronaldo with celebrities from Spain

Pipi Estrada he returned to the gossip press after signing for ‘Sálvame’ at the beginning of the summer. Terelu’s ex left his facet as a sports commentator, although he keeps many secrets that now he has no qualms about airing on the ‘La Fábrica de la tele’ program to keep his chair. This Wednesday, just a week after starting the reality recordings ‘Nightmare in paradise’, Pipi Estrada revealed the dating methods of some of the best-known soccer players, although without giving names. However, some of them have been alluded to and have become angry with the collaborator, such as Gerard Piqué, who has already blocked Pipi Estrada on his contact list.

It seems that to Pipi Estrada It hasn’t done him any good. “We had a magnificent relationship and he has blocked me. Yesterday I told that a journalist went with a very young and very pretty girl to the Côte d’Azur, who saw them buying clothes… and he took the hint. I was not referring to him, but the dates must coincide”, said Pipi. “I have lived and seen things in nightclubs and I have never told anything about him,” she added.

Cristiano Ronaldo throws a kiss to Georgina Rodríguez: NETWORKS

Right now Gerard Hammered does not want more problems. He is in preseason in the United States and from there they assure that he is about to sign an agreement with Shakira for the custody of her children. According to Telemundo, Piqué has agreed that Milan and Sasha settle in Miami with his mother in exchange for her paying 20 percent of a debt of two million that he would have in Spain.

Pipi Estrada angers Gerard Piqué and Cristiano Ronaldo

But he is not the only footballer upset with the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’. “you are raised hares and there are a lot of very nervous people right now”, Laura Fa told him. Estrada also told how Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and company were trying to flirt. “The mercury of the thermometer with the famous ones turns very red. When he is interested in a woman for whatever reason, they have her located to put them in contact. Television is a very attractive showcase”. In addition, she said that many force women to sign confidentiality agreements.

Georgina Rodríguez with her children at Christmas: NETWORKS

Pipi Estrada revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo was still using these techniques when he was meeting Georgina Rodríguez. Terelu’s ex reveals that when they are interested in a woman, for whatever reason she is “, they ask their trusted people:” Hey, try to locate this girl. try to find her and convince her.”

A few weeks ago Alyson Eckmann revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo tried to win her over with that mechanic before he met Georgina Rodríguez, however he stayed with the saleswoman.