Gerard Joling and Jeroen van der Boom give megahit ‘Suzanne’ orange jacket | show

Gerard Joling and Jeroen van der Boom have joined forces for the Orange sports summer. With the plate Everything on Orange they hope to get all Dutch athletes and all sports enthusiasts even more into an orange atmosphere.

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11-06-21, 09:54

According to Jeroen, he and Gerard do not want to be left behind this summer. ,,After seven years, the Dutch national team is again participating in a major tournament and next summer it will be dominated by top sport. And with everything that’s happened in the last year, it’s time to celebrate. Gerard thinks the same.”

The couple based their orange number on the 80s hit Suzanne of VOF De Kunst. A video clip was recorded in the Oranjestraat in The Hague. ,,I’m looking forward to the summer of sports and all the festivities that go with it. Let’s hope our athletes do very well. In any case, we stand behind them as a man”, Gerard says.

Everything on Orange can be downloaded and streamed from today via all known channels.

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