Gérard Lenorman: “I have a serious illness”

Gérard Lenorman, who will release a new album at 76, makes rare confidences at Parisian on the evil that gnaws at him

Thanks to a certain Vianney, 21 years after his last original album The Reason of the other (because he still released a best-of Duets of my songs in 2011), Gérard Lenorman announced to the Parisian that he will release a new album on October 8. Her name ? The taste of happiness. “We met on the set of Dave’s side , says the interpreter of “The Ballade of happy people” in the columns of the French daily. “And I fell in love with Vianney. We saw each other again, and two days later he sent me the song “Changer” (first single released this Friday before “Watching things go away” also written by the coach of The Voice, Editor’s note). Him, he’s gone to last. He has genius in him, the gift of life. I’ve never seen anyone like this. I’m telling you right now, I’m in love with him. “

The singer star of the 70s admits to having lived difficult times in recent months with the pandemic. Like any artist, he had to cancel all his concerts. Worse yet, no record company wanted to produce their new album. The interpreter of “Gentil Dauphin Sad” therefore had to self-produce his record. “You can’t imagine what I spent! Much more than it will earn me…”, he blurted out Parisian. “Producing a record at 76 is still insane!”


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