Gerard Piqué: How are you after separating from Shakira? A friend of his offered details Ibai Llanos Celebs RMMN | SHOWS

Shakira and Gerard Piqué They surprised everyone by announcing their separation at the beginning of June, amid rumors that even slipped that it would have been caused by an infidelity of the footballer.

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But how is the Barcelona FC defender? Well Ibai Llanos, who maintains a close relationship with the father of the Colombian’s children, offered some statements in which he gave details about his condition.

“Well yes, Piqué of course… He has had, It’s not that he had a difficult time, but the press also talks a lot about it; he is also preparing the season with the Breaststroke… Everything is fine”said the Spanish youtuber.

And Shakira?

The Colombian is not having a good time and Carlos Vives, who is a very close friend of the interpreter of “I congratulate you”, He has been in charge of disclosing details of his condition in brief statements to the press.

“Definitely I did feel her sad and she is sad of course. It is a very difficult time and good when one has such a beautiful family”he told some journalists who intercepted him.

When asked if he knew Piqué, he replied: “Yes, of course… Well, I thought he was a very polite person, very decent, always very special to me, he was always very ‘up front’ because of that love they both had for ‘Shaki’”.


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