GERB: The government agreed with Russia to withdraw NATO from Bulgaria

“Yesterday the government expressed the position that there is no foreign country to dictate our foreign policy. Yesterday the government made the sovereign decision to comply with the Russian government to withdraw NATO forces from Bulgaria.” This was stated by GERB MP Hristo Gadzhev, explaining that the government’s position taken yesterday is compliance with Bulgaria’s Russian insistence on the withdrawal of NATO forces from eastern Europe.

The former rulers spoke out strongly against the Minister of Defense Stefan Yanev, who said yesterday that the army had been suffering from underfunding for years.

Daniel Mitov reminded that during their rule, the modernization of our air force has begun, ordering 8 F-16 aircraft.

“If there are no funds in the budget, there will be no modernization. If the government really wants to keep what was promised yesterday, they must set aside 2% of GDP for defense,” he said, asking if eight more fighters would be taken.

A total of BGN 5 billion was spent by Borissov’s three governments on modernizing the army, Hristo Gadzhev said.

So far, the government has done nothing in the defense sector, he said. “Ships and planes are coming, which, as has been repeatedly explained, are routine missions, but we do not have a real increase in our defense forces,” Gadzhev said.

Tomislav Donchev described yesterday’s hearing in the parliament of Kiril Petkov as frivolous in terms of the truth. However, it was useful.

“This was a shortened intensive course, thanks to which the government is getting acquainted with the state of the country,” Donchev said.

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We know for sure that there is money set aside for the repair of old Soviet equipment, concluded Daniel Mitov.