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“I’m glad to see so many of you wearing masks. In this pandemic, I lost two people I really cared about, my acting coach, and another friend who was a music producer. Please be careful, it’s a very serious matter.” . Richard Gere says this in the meeting of about 40 minutes in live streaming with the Giffoni film Festival in which the actor answered questions from young people in the festival hubs in connection from various countries, such as Croatia, Spain, Poland and North Macedonia .
“Giffoni has a very important place in my heart – he explains -. I came six years ago with my son who was 14 at the time. It was two years after my divorce, and I met my current wife (publicist and activist Alejandra Silva , which at the end also shows up to say hello, ed), with whom we now have two children, during my trip to Giffoni. I will always be grateful to this festival “. Giffoni “is fantastic, he inspired me. I found guys from all over the world who communicated, with great openness. I ask you only one thing, invite me back”. The director Claudio Gubitosi promptly does it for next year and he smilingly replies: “I accept”. In his experience “there are two things we must all work on – underlines Gere, speaking of his humanitarian commitment -. One is wisdom, in the sense of understanding the nature of reality, the fact that we are all interconnected and your generation understands it. most of all “. The other “is compassion. Wish the other well, feel a generous sense of love. Understand that everyone has problems and suffers. When you realize it, the next step is to do something to help those who are worse off. us. The things I’m really proud of are those related to helping someone. “
When it is recalled that Gere also boarded the Open Arms last year, he immediately comments: “When I do something it gets more attention because I’m famous, but that doesn’t mean it’s more important. You don’t necessarily need to make big gestures. , a small one is enough, like overcoming one’s anger, understanding others more, not being consumed by greed. Obviously, those who have the opportunity should also act concretely “. Coming to acting, they ask him which roles were the most complex for him: “For me they are all difficult, I’m always looking for the character – he points out -. But I remember two. At the beginning of my career, the one in American gigolo. I had to decide right away whether to shoot the film because filming would start after two weeks, while I generally take a lot of evaluating and preparing. This time I threw myself into a character I didn’t know anything about, I was unsure. But every night I went to see the dailies, to understand how it was going “. The other very difficult role “was that of Chicago. Being a musical, we rehearsed, sang and danced, for two months, before shooting. It was a great job but maybe also the funniest experience I’ve had in prepare a film “. Gere doesn’t remember an exact moment when he decided to be an actor, but “I was a very shy child and I don’t know why at seven or eight, I agreed to participate in a play in front of an audience. I liked it so much. … somehow helped me to get out of my shyness – he remembers -. As a boy I was interested in poetry, literature, philosophy, and many other things but (to make me become an actor) I think it was the primitive joy you feel, acting, exploring the depths of human beings “. And as he speaks, his assistant promptly pulls out a photo of 17-year-old Gere playing on stage in another musical, The King and Me. Finally a question about how his performance in Rhapsody of August (1991) by Akira Kurosawa was born: “I was an incredible fan of Kurosawa. We met in New York and became friends – he says -. A couple of years later, he offered me the part in the film, which was small, but it included a long monologue all in Japanese. ” On set, “I thought I had to look a little Japanese too, so I tried various solutions. He was looking at me from a corner and shaking his head. When the translator asked him why Kurosawa san replied, ‘I don’t know why Richard does all this seems to me completely Japanese as it is. ” (HANDLE).


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