Geriatrics services in turn alert to the shortage of caregivers

Not a single service seems spared. Between bed closure or outright full service, geriatricians are sounding the alarm on Monday about the shortage of caregivers. “The geriatric community considers that this situation exposes to a lack of access to appropriate care for elderly patients, whether they come from their homes or nursing homes”, indicates the National Professional Geriatrics Council (CNPG) in a press release which recalls that “geriatrics has always been the poor relation of the hospital”.

A survey carried out by the Fédération Hospitalière de France (FHF) highlighted last week that recruitment difficulties weighed heavily on the dynamism of establishments and that geriatrics remained by far the sector that struggled the most to attract staff.

“We don’t take enough account of the difficulty and arduousness of the exercise of caregivers in geriatrics. Where the staff ratios should be higher, the number of carers remains very notably insufficient, ”notes Professor Nathalie Salles, president of the SFGG. Geriatricians “inherit”, alone and in small numbers, ever more numerous and sicker patients, according to the CNPG, which represents all geriatricians in France. If the numbers “are revised upwards, geriatrics can be attractive”, they assure.