Gerindra administrators flock to the declaration of Prabowo Candidates, what’s wrong?


Gerindra Party officials in a number of regions have begun to declare their general chairman, Prabowo Subianto, as a presidential candidate for 2024. This declaration is said to be in response to the political dynamics of the country, including the emergence of coalitions ahead of the 2024 general election.

“This is the effect of Golkar and the coalition’s declaration. Even though, even with the declaration of the Golkar cs coalition, Prabowo is still a fixed price for Gerindra to run for the presidential election,” said political researcher from UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Adi Prayitno, to reporters, Sunday (15/5/2022) night.

“Asserting that Prabowo is ready to come back with all the political dynamics that are currently happening,” he said.

Executive Director of Indonesian Political Parameters Adi Prayitno. Photo: Indonesian Political Parameter Executive Director Adi Prayitno (Doc: Special)

The Executive Director of Indonesian Political Parameters said that political parties had begun to prepare for the 2024 simultaneous elections. Gerinda was considered to have prepared Prabowo’s victory from now on.

“This is a sign that elections are near and all parties are starting to consolidate power. For Gerindra, Prabowo is everything. Gerindra’s life or death depends on Prabowo,” he said.

“Two big missions of Gerindra stretcher Prabowo. First to win the presidential election, Prabowo becomes president. Second is to look for the coattail effect to win the legislative election. Both have not yet been implemented,” he said.

The declaration that supports Prabowo even though the election is in 2024, said Adim, is a good thing. Adi considers that the public will know and be able to assess the presidential candidate.

“Sharing, let the people know what they have to offer during this 1.5 (clear period of the 2024 election). Let the people judge whether they are merely a declaration or offer something concrete,” he said.

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As is known, the declaration of carrying Prabowo as a presidential candidate was carried out in several regions. Reportedly, the declaration has been made in West Sumatra. Then on Sunday (15/5) the declaration was made in East Jakarta and Tangerang Raya.

The Prabowo Presidential Declaration of 2024 in Greater Tangerang was led by Sufmi Dasco Ahmad (doc. Special).The Prabowo Presidential Declaration of 2024 in Greater Tangerang was led by Sufmi Dasco Ahmad (doc. Special). Photo: Presidential Prabowo Declaration 2024 in Greater Tangerang led by Sufmi Dasco Ahmad (doc. Special).

In Greater Tangerang, the declaration led by Gerindra Party Daily Chair Sufmi Dasco Ahmad Dasco emphasized that Prabowo’s vote in Tangerang Raya would not be eroded. Even Dasco is optimistic that Prabowo’s vote in Tangerang Raya will increase.

“There are rumors that Prabowo’s voice has been eroded in Greater Tangerang, which is not true! And I am sure that my friends from the DPC, PAC and branches will increase Pak Prabowo’s vote in Tangerang Raya,” said the Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives.

Dasco invites all Gerindra cadres throughout Tangerang Raya to unite for victory in the upcoming 2024 General Election.

“We are both determined, united and fighting for victory. And from today we must be determined together that no victory comes for free, we must win that victory. Therefore, South Tangerang, Tangerang City, Tangerang Regency does not have a bargain, it has to be number 1 in Tangerang Raya, both in the legislative seats and the presidential vote,” said Dasco.

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