Gerindra Appoints Riza Patria as Coordinator of the Presidential Secretariat for Prabowo Volunteers


The Gerindra Party continues to prepare to win General Chair Prabowo Subianto as president in 2024. The Gerindra Party has appointed former Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria to be the coordinator of the joint secretariat (Sekber) of Prabowo presidential volunteers.

Riza, familiarly called Ariza, was appointed to be the coordinator of the volunteer sector for Prabowo President, by the Chairperson of the Gerindra Party’s Election Winning Body, Sufmi Dasco Ahmad. Ahmad Riza Patria is known to be the chairman of the DPD Gerindra DKI Jakarta.

“Ariza Patria was appointed to be the coordinator of the secretariat with the Prabowo Presidential volunteers,” Dasco said in a written statement, Friday (21/10/2022).



Dasco explained, regarding the formation of the Prabowo Presidential volunteers. Dasco emphasized that Gerindra wants Prabowo to become president in 2024 through the upcoming presidential election (pilpres).

“This joint secretariat was established to gather Prabowo-loving volunteers to work together to win the 2024 presidential Prabowo. A new task for Ariza after he is finished as deputy governor of DKI,” said Dasco.

Gerindra previously appreciated Riza Patria’s performance as Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta replacing Sandiaga Uno. Gerindra wants Riza Patria to continue to work for the party.

Dasco said that Ahmad Riza Patria had a good performance as a deputy governor (wagub) of DKI and did not embarrass the party. “We have seen that so far Ariza Patria’s performance as deputy governor has been carried out well and as a cadre it is not embarrassing for the party,” said Dasco.

Gerindra highly appreciates Ariza Patria who has completely assumed the position of Deputy Governor of DKI. Dasco said Gerindra had taken back Ariza Patria, who was one of the cadres.

“Therefore, the party expresses its highest appreciation and when the mandate has been completed with open arms the Gerindra Party welcomes back the best cadres, one of our best cadres, Ariza Patria, to continue fighting for the aspirations of the people to take part in the Gerindra Party,” said Dasco.