German 3×3 basketball players win a ticket to FIBA ​​”Challenger” in Kosovo in Kandava

In the final tournament of the Latvian Basketball Union “Open” tour on Saturday, May 7, the German “Düsseldorf LFDY” 3×3 basketball players became the champions of Kandava Sports Center, winning a ticket to the International Basketball Federation World Tour qualification “Challenger” tournament in Kosovo in July. “Team Rozentāle” won the women’s competition.

The most valuable players were Niklas Heinrich Geske and Janeta Rozentāle. “Krāslavas” 3×3 basketball player Lauris Pļavenieks won the “Sportland” long-distance competition.

In the competition of a total of 12 men’s teams from Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Ukraine, the favorite quartet successfully entered the semi-finals. In one of the quarter-finals, where “MSA” and “Kandava / Anzāģe” met, extra time was needed to determine the winners, as after a 10-minute fight, a draw was recorded – 20:20. The representative of the home team Arvis Savčenko nominated “Kandavu / Anzāģi”, but Niks Niklāvs Višņevičs answered with an accurate long shot, reaching the winning 22:21.

In the semi-finals, “Düsseldorf LFDY” beat “Candyshop” with 21: 8, but “Ukraine-Kelts” beat “MSA” with 19:15.

The decisive battle for the trip to FIBA ​​”Challenger” was further strengthened by the German 3×3 basketball players, who beat the representatives of Ukraine with 22:16. In the final, Geske stood out with 11 points, including four accurate long shots. Musijenko was in the ranks with six points.

In the competition of four women’s teams, an exciting group tournament was held first, after which “Team Rozentāle” and “RSU-2” entered the finals. The decisive breakthrough was Team Rozentāle, who won with 16:15. Paula Mauriņa was the most productive champion with nine points.

The most successful player in the final tournament was the leader of “Ukraine-Celt” attack Anton Musijenko, who scored a total of 42 points in five games, including 18 (!) Accurate long shots. Geske, the most valuable player in the tournament, was only two points behind. Also at the expense of the German 18 successful two-pointers. Marcis Osis, a 3×3 basketball player of the “Power Movement”, also entered the top three. He scored 34 points in four games.

The most productive for the women was “Team Rozentāle” player Pauls Mauriņa – in four games a total of 28 points. Marta Krista Miščenko (“RSU-2”) also entered the best group with 26 points in four matches, but the third veto was taken by “RSU” representative Pauls Cirša – 19 points in three games.

The final tournament was held in cooperation with the Kandava Culture and Sports Center. Prizes for the winners of the tour – LBS, “Sportland”, construction company “Restaurators”, Kandava cafe “Pie Kristapa” and “Kandava kartodroma”. “Mangaļi” provided water for 3×3 basketball players during the tournaments.

All games of the Kandava tournament were broadcast live on the LBS “YouTube” channel “Latvian Basketball Union”. Up-to-date information about the tournament was published on the FIBA ​​competition website “”.

LBS “Open” final tournament:


1. Düsseldorf LFDY, Germany (Alan Bogers, Kevin Braient, Leon Geronimo Fertig, Nicholas Heinrich Geske);

2. “Ukraine-Celtic” of Ukraine (Anton Musijenko, Nikita Ruslov, Vadim Bikov, Yevhen Balaban);

3. Lithuanian “Candyshop” (Jons Levickas, Laurīns Balkūnas, Mats Zutkis, Roberts Balčius).

4. “MSA”, 5. “Kandava”, 6. “3x3Madona” “, 11.” Cesvaine “, 12.” Odessa “in Ukraine.


1. “Team Rozentāle” (Janeta Rozentāle, Baiba Eglīte, Elza Bieriņa, Paula Mauriņa);

2. “RSU-2” (Anita Megija Miķelsone, Ketija Vihmane, Liza Čumika, Marta Krista Miščenko);

3. “RSU” (Elīna Agnese Sičeva, Laura Okuņeva, Mariona Tamsone, Paula Cirša).

4. Ukrainian “BS Ogre”.

Text: Renārs Buivids, photo: Renārs Koris.