German delegation visits Port Said ports to discuss investment opportunities in the economic zone


Mohsen Ashri
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Monday, April 16 2018 – 11:02 PM
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Monday, April 16 2018 – 11:02 PM

Rear Admiral Abdelkader Darwish, Vice President of Suez Canal Economic Authority, received a delegation from the German company “SCHAEFFLER” specialized in the manufacture and development of motor vehicles and trains to discuss investment opportunities in the region.
The company’s delegation included Reiner Linder, Managing Director, Europe and Middle East and Africa, Tobias Kreiser, Europe and Middle East Sales Manager, and Mona Aboud, Trade and Industry Representative.
Major General Abdelkader Darwish welcomed the delegation and expressed his pleasure with the interest of German companies in visiting the region and seeing the volume of work carried out on the ground and the Egyptian reforms and economic decisions that will drive the investment process in the region.
Darwish presented a detailed explanation of the economic zone and the works established in East Port Said and the industrial and logistic area.
Rainer Linder, the company’s chief executive officer, said the company specializes in the supply and development of modern environmentally friendly cars, trains and spare parts. The company’s annual profit is 14 billion euros, with 170 branches in 50 countries and more than 89,000 employees.
He added that the aim of the visit is to inject investments in Egypt through cooperation with the Economic Authority. We have the desire to do so because of the region’s investment incentives and unique location.
The delegation also toured the Suez Canal, the new berths, the rates of implementation of the works on the ground, the inspection of the industrial zone, the soil improvement operations and the visit of the tunnels of South Port Said.


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