German junior driver Sophia Flörsch flies from track – state unclear


German junior racer Sophia Flörsch was seriously injured in the Formula 3 World Final. The 17-year-old native of Munich came off the track in Macao on Sunday at the fastest point on the narrow track and flew through her racing car and over the safety fences. The cars reach speeds of up to 280 km / h at the point.

A video that circulated on Twitter showed how Flörsch crashed through and over the barriers of the Lisboa curve almost unchecked. The race, in which also Formula 3 European champion Mick Schumacher was at the start, was initially interrupted.

According to the first official information, Flörsch was conscious and approachable after the accident. This was confirmed by both Flörsch's team Van Amersfoort Racing and the organizer in Macao. No information was given about the possible injuries. Flörsch was taken to a hospital in Macau for further investigation.

"I hope everyone is okay," said Mick Schumacher, who had been in sixth place from the time of the accident. He has not seen anything of the accident, he stressed.

Flörsch did not get into Formula 3 until this year, when she started in Zandvoort at the fourth race weekend for the Dutch racing team Van Amersfoort Racing. She drove first in Formula 4 as the first woman twice on the podium.

In the social networks, many users are worried about the participants in the crash and express their hope that Flörsch is doing well.

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