German language packs: Windows Terminal version 0.11 released

Microsoft has released another preview version for the new Windows Terminal. With the update to version 0.11, the software is now also available in German. The new application is now also feature-complete.

The main advantage of the Windows Terminal is that many command line programs can be managed in a single window. In addition to the classic CMD, PowerShell, the Windows Subsystem for Linux, the Azure Cloud Shell and Git are supported. Microsoft has now released an update that increases the version number to 0.11. The update also includes German language packs. Previously, the new Windows Terminal was only available in English.
Windows Terminal Version 0.11 now also comes with German language packs.

Preview still contains some bugs

In addition to the new language packs, Microsoft has integrated a few bug fixes into the new Windows Terminal. However, no further functions were added with the update. In addition, some errors can still be found in version 0.11. All further details on Windows Terminal Version 0.11 are listed in the official blog entry from Microsoft. To use the app, at least the Windows 10 May 2019 update must be installed on the user’s computer.

The preview version can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Store or alternatively via GitHub. The new Windows Terminal was first announced at the BUILD 2019 developer conference. It is considered likely that the final version of the BUILD 2020 program, which will take place digitally this year, will be presented.

Microsoft’s new Windows Terminal Preview in the store
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