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German Ludeña Vicharra, who is 64 years old, is the seller of D’Onofrio brand ice cream that won the admiration of Peruvians after crossing rough trails to reach the Autisha Canyon and market their products to tourists. He came out of anonymity after it went viral on the social network Tik Tok a video about his admirable work.

In recent days, German Ludeña became the most wanted man for his story that moved the country and that is how it became known that he has been selling ice cream for 20 years. His day begins at 5:00 a.m., the time he leaves his home, in the Nueva Esperanza human settlement (Chosica), and ends at 9:00 p.m. During that time, he works under the intense sun to earn an average between S / 80 and S / 90.

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“I go around the entire Huarochirí area, I leave my house at 5 in the morning, and at 9 at night I return to my house”, he told the newscast “Good Morning Peru.

The ice cream vendor lives with his daughter and four grandchildren. She is a single mother and what little she earns is to help her. Once a week he goes to the Autisha Canyon, in Huarochirí. To get to this point you have to take a bus and you must pay S / 15 for the outward journey and the same amount on the return. Then, he walks a long way to sell his ice cream to tourists. I earned an average of 80 soles a day and if everything is sold you take 90 soles, but that’s not every day. And now that winter has arrived in the area and with the disease (COVID-19) that there is, they no longer consume much”He added.

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He said that during the pandemic he also went out to sell. He went through the hills and neighborhoods. He earned an average of S / 50.

When asked if he receives any remuneration from the D’Onofrio company, Ludeña indicated that he does not. “I bought the polo shirt with the logo of the D’Onofrio ‘brand with my money“, Said in Good Morning Peru.

The ice cream man revealed to the Facebook channel Mika Tv that he lives in a prefabricated house in a human settlement in Chosica and that he carries 30 kilos a day. I have 200 ice creams, all valued at 300 soles, for sale. The ice cream box weighs 30 kilos and I carry it on my shoulder. I pass in an area where there is nothing. It’s a total desert (on the way to Autisha Canyon)“, said. Likewise, he indicated that on the days that he does not have a sale, he carries out civil construction work.

“Gentlemen of D’Onofrio, I live in the Ricardo Palma area, during an invasion, we don’t have a good roof, but we settled there. If they would be aware of sharing something with me, fine, thank you “he told Mika Tv.

Video viral

German Ludeña won the admiration of thousands of Peruvians after walking kilometers along a rugged path to reach the Austisha Canyon, in Huarochirí, and thus offer its products to tourists who practice trekking.

This man won admiration after Konnie Peralta recorded it with his cell phone in the aforementioned canyon and he shared it on his TikTok account and that in a matter of hours it went viral.

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Stay with someone like the man who climbs stairs and everything to bring our ice cream“Was the young woman’s comment, while his companions laughed at the occurrence without imagining that this video would later make people talk.

In the video, the ice cream vendor is seen walking with his characteristic yellow polo shirt with the company logo. He does not wear any type of protection and walks safely along the path and thus reaches the tourists and offers them his products.

After this video went viral, the D’Onofrio company seeks to contact the ice cream vendor. “Thank you community for telling us the story of the Autisha Canyon ice cream shop! We are already looking for it. We want to continue learning inspiring stories like this one. Tell us if you know more ice cream makers like him to make them part of our recognition program for extraordinary stories of closeness D’Onofrio #CercaDeTi “, is the message that the D’Onofrio company has published on its official Facebook account.

After several media outlets contacted the ice cream vendor today, the company has not commented on the matter.


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