Germans for integration of Ukraine refugees through education

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09/22/2022, 09:28 am

Munich. A majority of Germans (58 percent) believe that the Ukrainian refugees should be integrated immediately through educational measures. This emerges from a survey by the Ifo Center for Educational Economics, which was conducted from May to June 2022.

Various measures for adults therefore meet with clear approval: For example, the right to and the obligation to take state-funded German courses (74 percent) and a work permit for refugee teachers (66 percent). Among children, majorities vote for rapid integration into existing classes in primary (65 percent) and secondary schools (61 percent) and for more state-funded school staff to look after Ukrainian school children (66 percent). However, German opinion is divided on compulsory kindergarten for refugee children (47 percent in favor, 37 percent against). The data can be compared with a survey from 2016, when, among other things, many Syrian refugees came to Germany.

There are clear differences in the assessment of the level of education of the arriving refugees: Currently, half of those surveyed (50 percent) assess the level of education as high, in 2016 it was less than a quarter (22 percent). A small majority (52 percent) is currently of the opinion that the refugees are helping to reduce the shortage of skilled workers in Germany; In 2016 it was only a third (33 percent). However, according to the Ifo Institute, there is now a similar level of approval for many measures to integrate the refugees as in 2016.

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