Germany, agreement between SPD, Greens and Liberals on basic document: debt brake returns, yes to minimum wage increase and climate plan

There is the agreement between Spd, gave e free its a “Base document” from which “it is possible to build a government”. Olaf Scholz is getting closer and closer to the chancellery: the announcement of the Social Democratic leader starts the phase of negotiations to define the contract of the future “traffic light” coalition with the other two parties. The document with i essential points of the coalition agreement already outlines the compromise found between the locations of gave and of Fdp. On the one hand, the Liberals get the reappearance of austerity after the years of the pandemic: their request for a return to Debt brake (the debt brake, moreover provided for in the Constitution) in 2023. On the other hand, the Greens collect the promise of an early exit from carbone, the commitments for the electric mobility and renewable energies. And one of the great battles of the SPD also enters the preliminary agreement: theminimum wage increase at 12 euros per hour.

This text by twelve pages It will be there starting point for coalition negotiations. And they bring out a clear indication: to keep the coalitions standing, it will be necessary to give space to the requests of the free, much closer to the locations of the Cdu than to those of Spd and Verdi. An aspect that will also affect future negotiations in theEuropean Union: when we talk about Europe, in the preliminary agreement, we refer above all to municipalities infrastructure projects in the digital field, for the development of a common railway network and for hydrogen energy and electricity from renewable sources. Nothing on the common European debt, much less on the possible revision of the Stability pact or at least of the EU regulations which derive from Maastricht (such as debt repayment procedures).

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The minimum wage will be raised to twelve euros per hour by first year of the new government. “Following this, the commission for the minimum wage it will decide on any further increases ”, reads the document that came out of the exploratory talks. The Fdp accepted, but avoided the patrimonial and generally blocked the intention to introduce new taxes. Also space for a review of the rates on income, therefore, appears very tight. Furthermore, the Liberals have obtained the return to the Schwarze Null regime (the balanced budget) as early as 2023.

The document, however, here comes the parts desired by the Greens, also provides that “for the maintenance of climate goals an early exit from energy is required a carbone. Ideally it should happen already by 2030“. The exit from coal in this decade has always been among the objectives of the Green Party, while for Social Democrats and Liberals it was not an issue. Germany has currently agreed to exit by 2038. The basic agreement envisages that a climate program will be drawn up as early as 2022: the focus is on solar power, wind energy onshore and offshore wind energy strengthening.

The ecological party, on the other hand, seems to have renounced the institution of the speed limit, against which the Liberals fought throughout the electoral campaign: “We want to make Germany the main electromobility market and for this we want to speed up the expansion of the infrastructure of electric charging. A speed limit for cars There will not be“, The document still reads. The three parties also agreed that they wanted to remove progressively the contribution borne by citizens on electricity produced by renewables: “In this way, we stand reducing costs of electricity for families and the businesses“.

Scholz commented: “It will be the biggest project of industrial modernization that Germany has probably made for over 100 years ”. The three leader in a joint statement they explained that they are “convinced of being able to conclude a coalition agreement ambitious e sustainable“. The leader of the Liberals Christian Lindner spoke of a “Huge luck” to “unite the economic prosperity with ecological sensitivity “and explained that this could be extremely positive for Germany:” There is a possibility that the coalition will become greater than the sum of its parts “, he said again praising the compromises found and underlining the possibility of “A restart” for the country.

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The announcement comes three weeks after the elections of September 26, who saw i social democrats of the candidate chancellor Scholz become first party before the conservatives of the CDU / CSU. “The exploratory talks were characterized by trust, respect and mutual consideration. We will continue like this ”, write the three parties in their communiqué. The Greens will now hold one conference of the party, which could take place as early as this weekend. Liberal negotiators will consult with summit of the party. If the coalition can be formed, it will be the first time since postwar period that Germany will be ruled by an alliance between three parties.